In a world full of countless industries that have played a crucial role in the foundation of the human society, it is sometimes easy to forget how important something like tourism and accommodation businesses can be.

Here, you will find a collection of articles that emphasizes the important role that the tourist industry and the services that are a part of it have played. From ancient times to the present day, tourism has manifested itself in some shape or form, which is a testament to the enduring nature that surrounds it. With services being created in parallel to the tourist industry development, every area in which this industry was emphasized has benefited, with the local populace enjoying a higher quality of life through employment and better services.

With the evolution of tourism, different services have also evolved and changed, such as the accommodation industry. With staff being properly educated and prepared, customers are being tended to better now than ever before. Increased success means also increased competitiveness; this led to different market ploys that benefited both the visitors and the businesses, by offering lower prices and creating a better brand image.

Different aspects are highlighted, however probably the most impactful one is in regards to tourism as an alternative solution for developing areas. With the world climate suffering in recent decades, it is crucial for sustainability to be taken into account. The tourist and accommodation industry can provide for local communities whilst at the same time, with a bit of care, minimize their carbon footprint and therefore the environmental damage.