Infrastructure and Tourism

The Earth, a plane taking off, a pile of luggage including suitcases, briefcases, golf bag, connected to a computer mouse in blue shades

When developing an area to serve as a tourist destination, there are a number of things that the ones running the process should be aware of. Besides the obvious natural or anthropic potential that an area should have, the area needs to be able to provide for all the needs of potential visitors, be it basic such as medical or law enforcement, to others that are not as crucial as entertainment, cultural growth and so on.

One of the most important aspects of tourism that it requires in order to function properly is that it revolves around transportation. It does not matter how good of a destination it is, if the potential visitors are hindered by troublesome means of reaching it, it’s doomed to fail. Consequently, a proper network of transport infrastructure needs to be set up, if not already in order for tourists to make their way there. It should be noted that the general area behind a popular tourist destination is to develop it much faster, an airport is usually built or expanded on, higher quality roads and public transportation, better basic services and so on. Of course, with increased popularity, some negative aspects are bound to exist. In popular city destinations, for example, rents and prices tend to be high, making it more difficult for the lower income social blanket.

Besides transport infrastructure and basic services, which are parts of the foundation that make up the modern society, one other crucial service of tourism is that of accommodation. Accommodation is at the core of tourism, without it in many ways tourism would not really exist, at the very least, the phenomenon which is mass-tourism wouldn’t be able to take place. In order to provide for all sorts of people, accommodation needs to come in a wide range, addressing all sorts of needs and budgets. From the large and luxurious five star hotel rooms, to the more modest, family oriented, lower star hotels or private housing.