The Solution of Tourism

bf1f801e-71b3-4668-ab3d-156db07ea748There are many places around the globe which suffer from acute economic troubles, massive poverty and a lack of basic services, which make these places a living hell for many of the locals living there. For some of these places, the development of a healthy tourist industry might be a viable solution for turning things around. It is no secret that tourism is a massive global industry, one that provides jobs to a large number of people and can count itself on being one of the least damaging to the environment; however, it is also extremely sensitive to the social and political changes that take place in the area.

When there are signs of trouble in an area, the first industry that suffers immediately is travel. A clear image of that was portrayed by Greece during the financial crisis that produced social instability and tension. As an effect of that, the area was immediately perceived as not being safe which in turn led to the drying up of tourists. Despite that, however, in most places, tourists have started flowing back in once the situation calmed down.

The reason why tourism can be a viable option for economic development is because it relies heavily on natural potential. A number of economically troubled countries have the landscape that would be perfect suited for some sort of touristic activity, one only needs to set up the infrastructure for it to flourish. Such a solution would see people being able to work and earn a living, as the requirements to work in the industry are within the reach of most people. Of course, there are some downsides, destinations that become highly popular see a higher number of people flocking to them, and while financially beneficial, it can become damaging to small communities that exist in those areas.