The World Economy

ca5ed8f2-9303-4eaf-84b5-eeb0b3bb2c47It is a good opportunity with the passing of each year, for individuals to let their minds contemplate on issues that are related to the concept of time and evolution. How far things have come, how intricate the world is today with sturdy services and infrastructure that can cater to all needs, basic or otherwise, with large numbers of congregations that can look after the spiritual side of man, and of course, with lighting fast information exchanges at just the press of a button. These are all but a fraction of the complex web that defines modern society, however, one should be aware that it was not always so. Needless to say, the high quality of life that a good chunk of the global population is enjoying is due to a number of factors, but one of the essential ones revolves around the world economy that has grown with time.

Despite the fact that most cannot imagine living in a different world with a different set of rules, that was indeed the case, in historical terms, it wasn’t that long ago when human cultures would barter in basic commodities, and a number of individuals would go through life by mastering skills required for a profession such as blacksmithing, farming and the like, and trade their commodities for others that they would need. With the implementation of coins, the paradigm had changed; easy, recognizable value that would be identifiable by all could be assigned to those very same types of commodities. As decades turned into centuries, new professions had been created and with them new means of gaining financial freedom. A type of business that many could not think that existed in the older days of history was tourism.

Tourism and accommodation have existed in some shape or form throughout history, including ancient Greece and Rome and they themselves have known evolution.