Tourism Industry

cropped-tourism-travel1When it comes to the service industry, besides the obvious basic services that all individuals interact with such as medical for example, there are few more popular and easier to recognize than the services found within the tourism industry. Be it the companies that ensure that the venue for relaxation at a beach, by providing customers with long chairs and cold drinks, or the ones that provide accommodation, such as hotels, motels and summer houses, they are all part of the overall tourist package of the area in concern.

Tourism, as a means of making profits, has played a part, in some shape or form for the better part of human history. Starting with the ancient Greece, where citizens would go about visiting the other city states, to Rome where people would travel the empire in order to visit its expansive reaches with an emblem pinned to their chest in order to be easily recognizable. This type of industry has managed to exist in some form or another throughout history, however, it should be noted that as years passed, tourism has evolved and grow, shrunk and became popular again, and all this due to the political and social climate that humanity was going through at the time.

With time, much of the western world managed to lose a good chunk of manufacturing, countries such as France, Italy in Europe, have seen their factories pick up and move to other, cheaper producing countries. That departure left a stinging hole in many economies, however today; tourism represents a sustainable way of economically developing a zone and providing jobs to the local populous. While for the visitor, it might be a matter of chance when choosing where to spend their vacation, not unlike playing at the best roulette casino due to the differences in quality and pricing that might occur, the locals benefit from employment opportunities and the constant influx of money.